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Gakuen Kishi no Level up! CHAPTER LIST

Gakuen Kishi no Level up!:

Soma, who reincarnated with the memory of the previous life, was awakened to the rare ability “trial and error” that can confirm the skill level numerically, and thanks to that, he was able to raise various levels evenly. At the entrance ceremony at the knight training school that I admired, the student’s skill level and skill level are judged and classified, and the top class “Soryu(Blue Dragon)” is certain if it exceeds the total skill level “200”. The thing is however, the total level of Soma at this time was “1012”, which should have been far above the margin , but the judgment machine was a specification that could not measure the 4-digit level !! As a result, it was wrong even though it was the academic ability of the top grade. Soma enters the problem child class by judgment, but with the skill of “trial and error”, Soma causes a big revolution in the aristocratic school !! The school fantasy presented by the strongest reincarnated person in the dropout class opens!  
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Gakuen Kishi no Level up! Chapter 26.2

: chapter 26.2

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